What is “Sessions with Sammie”

Sessions with Sammie” is a series of video programs that provide exclusive and discreet support for some of life’s hardest and stigmatic issues.

All too often we feel like we are outcast or isolated because the people around us cannot identify with the depth of our feelings. This isolation can distract from us dealing with our challenges as we pretend that everything is ‘normal’.

The video sessions guide the viewer through the process of their issue and show them how to move towards an honest and productive future. Each program aims to show the viewer how you how you can have “Freedom Through Responsibility” and provides guidance in easy digestible steps. Due to the nature of the content, artwork is discreet and products are affordable for everyone.

The series launches with 2 programs: Grief and Domestic Violence both close to Sammie’s heart and she speaks openly and honestly about her own experiences of these issues in her own life and how she dealt and coped with both.

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